New Bulk Water Station Access System


The RM of Wolverine No. 340 will be implementing a new Bulk Water Station Access System at the community well located on the SE 01-35-24 W2 (by the Community Pasture).  The new system is usable now; however during the week of November 22nd to November 26th, 2021, the current coin mechanism will be removed.

This new system will require a USER ACCOUNT which must be set up at the RM Office.  Once an account has been set up, the user will be provided with a Key Fob, which must be pre-loaded with funds ($), and then used to purchase water from this bulk water station.  Please set up your user account as soon as possible.

Please note that without a User Account you will have no access to water.

New Rates for Water Accounts & Bulk Water Purchases

Ratepayer/Resident Rates:

User Account – $50.00 (includes key fob pre-loaded with $10.00 for water purchases)

Cost of Water – $1.00 for every 200 gallons

Non Ratepayer Rates:

User Account – $50.00 (includes key fob)

Cost of Water – $1.00 for every 100 gallons

Any working key fobs returned to the RM that are no longer required will receive a $15.00 refund.

Contact the RM of Wolverine No. 340 for more information:

306-682-3640                                        Email –