Zoning Bylaw Amendment – Results of Public Hearing

Zoning Bylaw Amendment – Results of Public Hearing

A Public Hearing was held on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 at 9:00 am at the Municipal Office in Burr, SK to allow the public and council to discuss and ask and answer questions in regards to an Amendment to the Municipal Zoning Bylaw which Council at their January 2020 Regular Council meeting gave first reading to Bylaw No. 2020-02, which provides for an amendment to the Municipal Zoning Bylaw No. 03-09.

The proposed amendment will allow for the following:

  • Application and issuance of Development Permits for all permanent farm/agricultural buildings and structures. There will be no cost to a landowner to obtain this type of development permit.
  • This will ensure that all farm/ag buildings constructed in the municipality will conform to the requirements of municipal bylaws and that the municipality is aware of these type of developments
  • This amendment will affect all lands within an agricultural district.

The proposed amendment will also provide for the following:

  • Development of municipal facilities as a permitted use in all municipal zoning districts. This will allow the council to develop municipal facilities throughout the municipal as and if required.
  • This amendment will affect all land districts within the municipality.

As there was no public in attendance and no submissions were submitted to the municipal office prior to the submission deadline, Council at their Regular Council meeting held after the Public Hearing approved the Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Administration will take the necessary steps to obtain ministerial approval of this bylaw amendment.

Please note that this bylaw will not take effect until ministerial approval has been provided and Council has requested that information in regards to this amendment be forwarded to all land owners by way of a general mail out.