The Rural Municipality of Wolverine No. 340 is a rural municipality located in central Saskatchewan, approximately 100 km east of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It has a land base of approximately 835 square kilometers. In 2011 it supported a population of 464.

The municipal office and shop are situated in the un-organized hamlet of Burr, Saskatchewan which is located along Highway No. 20, approximately 19 kilometres south of Humboldt, SK.

The Rural Municipality of Wolverine No. 340 was incorporated on December 13, 1909; however the original name of the Municipality was Plasterfield. The name did not change to Wolverine until March 31, 1910.

The municipality is predominately agriculture land based and consists of a mix of dry land cultivation of grains and oilseeds and livestock production with a large community pasture within its boundaries. Humboldt Lake is located along its northern boundary which provides for two lakeshore sub-division developments.

The RM of Wolverine No. 340 is situated over the provinces valuable potash resource with the Potash Corporation – Lanigan Division located just south of its southern boundary in the RM of Usborne No. 310 and the proposed BHP Billiton – Jansen mine site is located just east of its eastern boundary in the RM of Leroy No. 339.

The RM of Wolverine No. 340 strives to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for it residents and values its agricultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit which will serve as a legacy for future generations.