Assessment & Taxes



Assessment notices are sent out by mid-May to assessed owners on properties that have had a change in assessment.

In accordance with Section 293 of the Municipalities Act, dwellings located within a municipality on agricultural lands are eligible for a an exemption from assessment based on the amount equivalent to the total taxable assessment of the agricultural lands that the occupant of the dwelling either owns or leases in this RM as well as surrounding RM’s.

In order for the dwelling owner/occupant to obtain this exemption they must contact the RM in writing and provide information regarding the lands that they own and lease.

SAMA View – You can view your current Detailed Property Report by accessing SAMA View located on the SAMA website at You can also contact SAMA directly to discuss your assessment with an appraiser at 1-800-667-5203.

If you have any general questions about assessment please contact the RM office.



Property tax notices are sent out in late July or early August and are due on or before December 31st. Taxes remaining unpaid after this date will become arrears and are charged a 1% penalty per month.

Taxes can be paid in person at the RM office by cheque or cash; mail in a cheque or online through most banking institutions. To make an online payment you will need to quote your Customer Number as your Account Number. Please ensure that you are paying the discounted amount (if applicable) when making your payment. The RM does not offer payment by debit card or by credit card.